The Role of Drinks

At MARS DRINKS we’re committed to rethinking what work and the work day can be. We know that to reach our full potential, we must create work environments where people have a sense of empowerment and belonging. We call this kind of place – where collaboration, engagement, well-being and productivity meet – WORKPLACE VITALITY™.

In our comprehensive research effort including interviews, company visits, surveys, and more, we have validated the importance of WORKPLACE VITALITY and the factors that create engagement, collaboration, well-being, and productivity. We have also rediscovered the critical roles that workplace beverages play in our work and our workplaces.

We also know that all generations – especially Millennials and Gen X – value and demand workplace beverages (82% of Millennials; 76% of Gen X; 63% of Boomers; and 60% of Traditionalists)i and that between 67% and 80% of respondents globally value drinks to support engagement, collaboration, productivity, and well-being. We also found that when drinks are not available, respondents believed their day would be in decline. 62% of people expected a decline in well-being; 54% expected reductions in engagement and productivity; and 46% said that collaboration would suffer.ii

Roles of Drinks in the Workplace

Overall, we find that workplace beverages catalyze all kinds of workplace interactions and become a critical part of the day. In addition, drinks are very personal. Each individual typically has a unique pattern to which drinks they prefer during multiple activities throughout their day. Ask people about their preferences for workplace beverages and they will definitely have strong opinions. We believe that to support people throughout their work activities and their work day is a sure pathway toward WORKPLACE VITALITY.

MARS DRINKS Taste and Choice

At the heart of creating the ideal drinks range is a requirement to carefully select a menu that meets the needs of every palate while also supporting the many and varied moments that make up the natural ebb and flow of the work day. We recommend that you begin creating your ideal drinks range by starting with a combination of light, medium and dark roast coffees and invigorating teas at every coffee station. A core menu of ALTERRA Morning Roast, ALTERRA Donut Shop, ALTERRA Colombia, ALTERRA French Roast, ALTERRA House Blend Decaf, Bright Tea Co.™ English Breakfast Tea and Bright Tea Co. Select Green Tea is a great starting point that offers something for everyone. Build on this core range to offer taste and choice in every role that drinks play at work. Encourage your people to move between spaces and connect and collaborate with other members of your team by building on your core range to create a variety of menus available in different spaces throughout your workplace.

One of the primary reasons that people value workplace beverages is to help them get work done and be more creative. Specifically, drinks:

  • Accelerate. They help jump start, spark, and stimulate work.
  • Focus. Drinks fuel thinking among employees. They help with thinking, focus, and clarity.
  • Inspire. They foster creativity and innovation.

  Create a drinks range that will Accelerate, Focus and Inspire your team by adding STEEL HORSE™, the first and only office-focused beverage powered by pure, robusta coffee and circulation-supporting cocoa Flavanols and by offering invigorating Bright Tea Co. Lemon Herbal.

Drinks also play roles throughout the day in the ‘between times’. They:

  • Structure. Drinks provide a rhythm and structure for the day. They are a predictable part of moving through our day.
  • Transition. They also play a role in shifting from one task to another. Whether we’re heading to a meeting or transitioning from contemplative to collaborative work, drinks have a role to play.

        To add Structure and moments of Transition to the rhythm of the work day, introduce Peet’s Coffee – choose from Colombia Luminosa, Café Domingo or French Roast – and refreshing Bright Tea Co. Raspberry Herbal. Offer Real Milk Froth Powder and enable your people to create perfect lattes and cappuccinos as they shift between tasks.

Another primary role that drinks play is in conjunction with people and the ways that our work connects us with others. Drinks:

  • Initiate. They are very helpful in sparking introductions and in the process of greeting new acquaintances and initiating relationships.
  • Connect. Drinks are also critical in relationship-building. They help us connect and facilitate personal relationships.

        Initiate conversations and create moments of connection by adding Bright Tea Co. Chai Spice and ALTERRA French Vanilla. For spaces equipped with the MARS DRINKS™ FLAVIA® Barista introduce authentic Segafredo® or ALTERRA espresso. If your workplace doesn’t offer the MARS DRINKS™ FLAVIA® Barista, introduce ALTERRA Italian Roast to power the day with an espresso style coffee.

And drinks also play a reassuring and nourishing role throughout the day. They:

  • Soothe. Drinks provide comfort and security. In situations that are challenging or tricky, having a cup of coffee or tea is reassuring.
  • Boost. Workplace beverages create opportunities for respite or pause in the day. Think of these times not just as breaks, but as reboots.
  • Nourish. Drinks also offer nutrition, nourishment, and refreshment.

To Soothe consider introducing Bright Tea Co. Peppermint Herbal. Make Dove® Hot Chocolate part of your range to give your people a Boost, or Nourish with a quick snack between meals by offering Tomato Soup.

As you craft your drinks range, consider the spaces where your brewers are located and the types of activities that these spaces encourage. In meeting rooms or spaces where workers have limited access to the coffee station offer a smaller, targeted drinks range. In open spaces and where brewers are in close proximity to heads-down spaces offer the widest range to meet the needs of as many workers as possible and power them through the day.